Who we are

Spriggli in an online platform bringing the elements of your next experience, get together, class, lecture, club, meeting, show, pop-up, gathering, event, party into one place.

Create your event then match it to a venue; need help to make it happen - find the supporting service providers to help it happen; then bring the people by inviting guests or selling tickets - all in Spriggli.

All venues and service providers list for free, list their terms, and list their availability, no risk no obligation, no ongoing user fees.

You can create any experience you dream of - simply by building it in on Spriggli, no obligation until the services are booked.

Hire services to help you in your day to day, or to help run your event. Booked services are prepaid, held by Spriggli, and dispersed only after the commitments have been fulfilled.

Build your experiences, and build your community capacity too.

Spriggli adds a flat 5% fee + applicable financial transaction services to all bookings and payouts.