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Spriggli wants to help build up the capacity of your space by bringing more events to you. You list your space for free, we want you to showcase what you have to offer. You list the terms and times of availability, and approve only those events that you feel are a good match.

All bookings are prepaid (cancellation terms are set by you), and held by Spriggli to ensure both parties honour their agreements. Once you have met your commitments as outlined in your terms, the funds are paid directly to your account.

The more photos and descriptive you can be, the better someone can image holding their events in your location. You can also use Spriggli to create your events, and to help get the services you need to support events at your location. In this way Spriggli wants to help you be the best venue you can, by helping build your capacity when you need it.

Have busy periods? You only list when you want bookings, only take the bookings you want.