Create Your Event

Create your event

Have you ever started to plan an event, then realized that there are more moving parts to it than you realized? Spriggli aims to help you organize the event by helping you find a venue, get the help and services you need to run the event, and organize your guests or sell your tickets -- all in one easy to use integrated platform.

We want you to be able to access all the resources in your community so you can have the best experience possible. Spriggli wants you to be able to give and receive experiences based on your time and your terms. The more we can build together, they better off we all are - after all a rising tide floats all boats!

Spriggli acts as a trust agent for your event - we help bring all these elements into one place, you can find and choose what you like based on your mutual availability and acceptance of terms. The organizer then pays for the services and venue, and Spriggli holds those funds until the event concludes. In this way, the venue and services know that the fees are guaranteed so long as they deliver, and you know that your fees aren’t walking away from undelivered services.

Let’s change how we engage with the world and give each other great experiences rather than give stuff.