List your skills

List your skills

Through Spriggli you can list all the skills you have to offer. Spriggli allows for people to connect with you on your times and your terms.

List each of the skills you would be willing to be hired for, and include the applicable licensing and required certifications in your area. Set your payment and terms to meet your needs, your clients will choose you if it meets their needs.

Event help such as servers, bartenders, general help (dishes anyone?), right up through security, first aid, cleaning, site maintenance, are also invaluable services needed to help venues be ready and stay safe and in working order. Professional support and event services are included too. There are many amazing professions that are there to make and record amazing events - musicians, speakers, entertainers of all types, interior decorators, roadies, photographers, event planners, even accounting, insurance and legal services may be a valuable service for some events and experiences.

But we want you to connect with all your skills and get the jobs you want.

The best part about Spriggli, is that to list it is all free - no risk, no obligation, no limits to the number of skills you can list - we are all the sum total of our experiences, now you can draw from everything, no pigeonholes only opportunities.