Our Services

Our Services

Spriggli is an online platform bringing together events, venues, services along with the ability to manage your RSVP’s or tickets.

You can list and look for no risk and no obligation.

We charge a fixed non-refundable 5% fee on each transaction, (plus any applicable financial service fees). Why do we do this - only when you have booked a service do we charge. We felt that we have fulfilled our mandate to help you find what you need to run your event. We The fixed fee provides a sliding scale as well - we want you to run everything through our services in including the little things that are more about bringing friends and community together than money, no charge, no fees.

We believe that a rising tide floats all boats, and that together we can change the world to be about meaningful experiences and building up communities.

Dream it.

We all have that event we want to do, maybe a special birthday party, a wedding, a games night, a talk, a concert, an adventure…. Spriggli wants to empower you to dream up and hold your event. We want you to be able to create and give experiences. Let’s build a world around sharing.

By connecting venues, services, ticketing, and event organization into one platform you can take charge and easily build up your engagement and experience.

Build it.

Write up your event proposal. It may be a one stage or multistage event, we have you covered.

Venues are a 24/7 commitment - by listing the availability you can help fill some of the gaps in use you may have. Not sure if you can handle a surge of activity, or need a little extra help? Tap into our people power by hiring a service provider and feel confident that you will make the events and the space shine!

Human Capital - we all have experience and times where we would like to do more, do it again, try something new, get involved… With Spriggli you can list every experience and be found for the talents you offer. Thanks to our prepayment policy, the bookings you accept are on your terms and are guaranteed payment as booked when you deliver your services.

Spriggli will add features as we grow to help you build you. Stay tuned!

Grow it.

Are you meeting your potential.

With Spriggli we want you to grow your connections, grow your audience, grow your community, grow your experience, grow your enjoyment. By being an online community, you can grow at home, but when you grow with us, you can grow anywhere.